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Empowering you to take charge of your own well-being, and to do the work that only you can do for yourself – to consciously and systematically work with your own life challenges, whether that is stress, pain, illness or the demands of everyday life.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment, with openness and curiosity. It allows you to step out of automatic ways of being, and experience the vitality and vividness, that life has to offer. Training the mind to be present allows you to notice when you are brooding about the past or worrying about the future, and to nip that in the bud. Practicing mindfulness supports you in accessing, and strengthening, inner resources and resilience.

The MBSR course I teach is evidence based and draws upon the wisdom of thousands of years of meditative tradition. It has  been shown to help people improve their overall quality of life, well-being, concentration, resilience, and relationships, as well as being an effective support for a variety of physical and mental health conditions, reducing stress, anxiety, chronic pain, panic attacks, depression, addictive behaviours and sleep disturbances.


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Rosalie is a mindfulness teacher, trainer, and supervisor. She has practiced meditation and yoga since 1992. She completed a five-year masters degree in Teaching Mindfulness at the University of Bangor, where she received a distinction, and award and holds a Certificate of Competency in teaching mindfulness. She has taught the gold standard, scientifically researched MBSR course for 9 years, and to hundreds of people. She follows The Good Guidelines for Practice outlined by the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers.



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To offer high quality, affordable mindfulness courses and graduate trainings, to a diverse range of people.

From point of contact to week eight of your course, you will have contact with your teacher. Groups are kept small, a maximum of fifteen people,  to create an optimal learning environment, where each person feels valued, and more practically, where there is enough time for each person to receive the attention they have paid for, and deserve.

At the heart of Rosalie’s teaching is a commitment to personal practice, and a confidence that each individual already has the capacity to live mindfully and with a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. She simply points you on your way…