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About Optimal Living

Optimal Living CIC is a community interest company committed to delivering generic and bespoke Mindfulness Based Programmes to both the private sector and the general public. It is particularly interested in working with those within marginalised communities, and who may not ordinarily access mindfulness interventions.

Our work is grounded in the research and practice of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course devised by John KabatZinn and the Umass medical centre, Massachusetts; the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy approach devised by Williams, Teasdale and Zegal; and the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, Wales.

The fundamental premise of our work is that we all, already have, the capacity to live mindfully and with a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. Our courses offer a structured; skills based approach to help you develop this capacity.

You will learn:

  • A range of meditation techniques to help you optimize your capacity for mindfulness.
  • How to identify the connections between thoughts, emotions and physical sensations thereby creating the potential for recognizing and remedying habitual thought and/or behavioural patterns.
  • How to identify the distinction between primary stress: (unavoidable stress) and secondary stress: (the stress we create by reacting to life events).
  • How to increase your ability to relax, improve self-confidence and to strengthen your emotional resilience in the face of life challenges.
  • How to listen to yourself, to take greater care of yourself and to make choices that will lead to a satisfying and healthy life.

About Us

We met while undertaking our Masters training in teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches at Bangor University. We recognised in each other qualities of deep kindness and compassion and the shared wish to make the benefits of mindfulness accessible to as many people as possible. We decided to set up Optimal Living CIC, a not-for-profit company.

We believe that in order to live optimally, it is important that we recognise our own innate capacity for well-being, and the endless potentials we have to realise this right here, right now in the present moment.

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Rosalie is the co-director of Optimal Living CIC. Her professional background was in further education teaching English to minority and refugee groups. Now she is a full time mindfulness teacher as well as running a mindful Yoga practice in London. Rosalie has completed a five year MA in Teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches and holds a Certificate of Teacher Competency, both from the University of Bangor. She teaches Distance Learning programmes for, and is a Supervisor at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice and is a guest teacher with The Metta Foundation, an organization devoted to teaching interpersonal meditation practice, under the guidance of Gregory Kramer. She has been practicing/studying meditation and yoga for the past 20 years. Both practices became part of her life during a time of personal challenge and their effectiveness have meant that they have remained with her ever since. 

Peter KennedyPeter is co-director of Optimal Living CIC. He has been teaching mindfulness based programmes since 2005, and has completed a five year MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches from the University of Wales. He has been a qualified social worker for seventeen years, working mainly with people dealing with life threatening illnesses, those requiring end of life care, and those with substance misuse and mental health difficulties. His motivation to become a mindfulness trainer came after he recognised the benefits of such an approach to his own personal well-being and happiness.

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Course structure

We offer eight-week courses, distance learning and one to one courses, workshops and retreats to the general public, and customised courses for statutory and non-statutory organisations. Our courses are highly experiential. The central component is the home practice, supported by weekly two hour sessions and an all day of practice.
Course materials

The course includes:

  • Instruction in mindfulness meditation and gentle movement meditation.
  • Facilitated group dialogues to develop and support understanding and learning.
  • Guidance and support for learning tailored to individuals needs.
  • Daily assignments to encourage the integration of mindfulness into daily life.
  • A home practice manual to support learning.
  • Three guided meditation CD’s to facilitate home practice.
  • A full day of mindfulness to deepen ones learning and practice.