Optimal Living offer introductory workshops for both the public and private sectors. These workshops are tailored to the meet the needs of your organisation and vary in length and cost. Please contact us if you would like to offer an introductory workshop within your organisation.



“I really enjoyed the workshop, it was interesting and informative. The speaker was clear, easy to understand.”

“Very enjoyable & awareness raising workshop. Thank you.I would attend further sessions by this trainer.”

Vocational Rehabilitation Association

“Peter and Rosalie have held several short ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ workshops for our helpline and e mail volunteers. The workshops have been really well received and well-judged offering a variety of meditation and mindfulness experiences as well as their thoughts about where these practices can be helpful in people’s lives. We have gone on to hold mindfulness days which they have tailored to the work we do here at SANE and which have helped staff and volunteers to bond through the sharing of the experience. It has been a pleasure collaborating with them and we hope to have them return very soon.”

Mick Dunn,Training Co-ordinator- SANE Mental Health Charity