Forthcoming courses

Courses 2015 – WEDNESDAYS in Euston, THURSDAYS in Leicester Square & TUESDAYS in Blackheath

EUSTON WEDNESDAYS: The Taylor Room, The University of London, 15-23 Endsleigh Street, EUSTON, London WC1H ODP

January 28th  – March 18th  7 -9pm (the first session will end at 9:30pm) £250

Full day of practice 7th March, Bloomsbury

April 1st –  27th May  ,6:30—8:30pm( Please note there will not be a session on 6th May) £275 (concessions available)

Oct 14th – Dec 2nd  , 6:30—8:30pm (the first session will end at 9pm) £275 (concessions available)

To register contact Rosalie 07906717409,











LEICESTER SQUARE THURSDAYS: Friends Meeting House 52 St Martins Lane London WC2N 4EA

January 29th – March 19th 2015 (excluding Thursday March 12th where the session will be on a Tuesday, 10th March) 7 -9pm (the first session will end at 9:30pm) £250

March 26th – 21st May 2015  (excluding Thursday 7th May),6:30—8:30pm, £275 (concessions available)

October 15th – 3rd Dec, 6:30—8:30pm, £275 (concessions available)

To register contact Rosalie – 07906717409 ,








BLACKHEATH TUESDAYS: Friends Meeting House, Lawn Terrace, Blackheath, SE3 9LL

Jan 27 — Mar 17 ,  18:30—20:45 (the first session will end at 21:00), £250 (concessions available)

To register email Jim at:


Quaker Meeting House – Blackheath






Places on our courses are limited. A non-refundable £50 deposit reserves your place. Please note that £20 of the deposit is refundable up until two weeks prior to the course commencement date.