This has been one of the most important things I have done in my life. It is changing how I interact with the world. I am finding joy again. I feel like I have been returned to myself.
“It has given me a new sense of perspective on my life, enabling me to appreciate that I have choices.”
Thank you Rosie and Peter — it has been very nurturing and enlightening to come to the course every week and stretch my capacity to accept things as they are and be in the present moment.
“This course has provided me with techniques to effectively manage my stress and anxiety. I really feel I have something to take into the future to help me manage things.”
Through the course I have been able to become more conscious of when I get stressed and when I am getting out of balance. I’ve learnt how to attend to myself in a more loving way. This has helped me in small and big ways to enjoy my life more.
I have a huge respect and feeling of gratitude for your patience, empathy, experience and willingness to share all this with us.
It has transformed my ability to handle stress beyond recognition. It has worked better than I dared to dream.
It has helped me with some amazing tools to get through my recovery of depression and anxiety. I feel that I really understand my body now and I can tell when my triggers arise. It’s a new way of being that I will hopefully not forget.
“The course was very well taught in terms of material and presentations. It’s an excellent primer for mindful living and the tutors embody this approach unequivocally.”
“Reducing my anxiety symptoms has enabled me to have a better quality of life, long may it continue.”
The teaching/guidance I have found very helpful and inspirational. It has been very clear that the teaching has come from a source of self- discovery and mindfulness practiced by the teachers. I felt fully trusting and well contained here.
The safe space you provided – the compassion you both showed towards us as a group allowed the group to be a springboard for our own journeys.
“It’s brought me back ‘on track’—reminded me of what matters and is enabling me to reconnect with my self— something I’d moved away from in recent years.”
I have increasingly come to the view over the last years of my life that I am in my ‘head’ and often not present. I have had therapies before and they have been very helpful but this course has been an excellent tool I can use on a day to day basis.